About The Book

Lola & the 11 Secrets follows the journey of a young girl trying to come to peace with a tragedy in her life. As Lola struggles to let go of her sadness, she seeks solitude in the forest and in a mysterious cemetery. Searching for answers to her questions, she discovers a portal to a strange and beautiful world. A fascinatingly original and beautiful world awaits Lola. A place full of secrets, strange new friends and bitterly twisted enemies. Lola must now overcome her past, face her fears, and find her answers or she will perish.

The forest whispers cautions to the wind,
yet she dances and invites herself in.
She plays with bugs, she searches for cats
yet her favorite things to find are
giant vampire bats.
In the darkness she continues to play.
She pretends to haunt.
She wishes she could stay.
Through the woods she is further led.
But by whom?
The living dead.
Is she sleeping?
Is she in bed?
No this is real.  This man is dead.
Very recently she lost someone close
and now she is searching for his ghost.
Not a ghost that goes “boo” but one
that is searching for her too!