About The Author

Lola is a dark and twisted concept I came up with in 2009 about a girl who goes in search of answers after the tragic loss of a loved one. I wanted to counterbalance the dark and tragic story with lighthearted–simple-silhouette visuals–and a time consuming and original coloring technique. Together working in harmony to what promises to be a unique final experience.

When the story came to me It was one of those moments of inspiration–I was laying in bed–half asleep–when I suddenly had a flood of ideas. I immediately jumped out of bed-got to a desk-and started writing and sketching and didn’t stop til’ morning.

The story and the characters are always on my mind–and I’ve really dedicated the last few years to making this project a reality. This graphic novel follows a style and story that is more true to my heart than anything I have ever done and I hope it comes across and appeals to you.

In the darkness she continues to play.

She pretends to haunt.

She wishes she could stay.